Sommario del sito


(«Una riflessione sul Natale»)


Dario Chioli


[translated by Ricardo R. Laudato, 20-12-2011]


Oh world of desire, where the petty longing for things almost seem to suffocate the only true desire!

Oh man of desire, you who seem so weak within the sad gathering of the powers of this world!

Everyday you walk around the world hidden beneath the veil of misunderstanding, where nobody neither comprehends nor loves. There’s no one actually escaping these horrible delusions that blind the mind.

They all are running after those rubble and ashes called gold and wealth, reputation and power, all things that are just meant to perish.

And the bright soul escorting the victorious King is lonely; no march of men accompanies her!

The child born in the dark cave in the centre of the world, growing up ignored by everyone, throws an unsettling ray over the world, but the dimmed vision of his fellow men sees very little. And their hearts forget quickly. They do not even see how he, although assassinated, resuscitates and reaches the dwell of mystery.

Friends, let’s turn our eyes towards the centre of our souls, and in this sudden desert, let’s search for the child that we have been once. Let’s look for him hidden in the dawn of our desire, in the sunset of the worldly desires. As both sunsets merge, in a timeless instant of silence, we will gather the diamond of understanding.





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